Pauline - A shoe burning story.

High heels on fire.

Brennende Schuhe und Stiefel.

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Pauline - A shoe burning story.

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When I was about fourteen, I went to a private school. There was an older girl who assisted the teacher in the afternoons. She was eighteen and attended highschool in the morning and helped out in the private school in the afternoons. Her name was Pauline and she had many attractive features. One thing about her that stood out was her skin. She was a black girl, and her dark skin was extremely attractive. She also wore clogs and platforms. From time to time, I would get a glimpse of her feet. The tops of her feet were rich brown and her soles were pink and very wrinkled. For some reason she seemed to take more interest in me than with the other kids in the class. One afternoon during PE, I hid up under the football bleachers to masturbate. Pauline spotted me under the bleachers and came in to join me. She sat down next to me and asked me what I was doing. I played ignorant, but she knew what I was doing. She tried to get me to admit that I was masturbating, but I avoided the issue. I was so horny I couldn't stand it. I reached over and took her right hand and began to rub her skin. She then took her hand away and put it on my dick. She slowly masturbated me through my pants. I put my hands on her hand and arm and began to rub them. Her skin was amazing. I had noticed earlier that she was wearing a pair of clogs that I really liked. I stopped rubbing her hand and arm and moved down to her feet. I laid down and began to rhythmically thrust my hips against her clogs. As I humped her clog-shod feet, I touched and felt of her feet and the leather of the clogs. I began to go wild with her feet and clogs. It didn't take me long to fill my pants with jizz. She seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

One afternoon as we talked, I brought up a subject that I was really into. I told her that I enjoyed burning shoes. Pauline became intrigued by this activity of mine. She asked me if I wanted to burn any particular pairs of her shoes. I told her that I would love to burn the clogs that I humped that one afternoon. One afternoon during PE, Pauline and I met under the bleachers again. This day she was wearing sandals instead of the clogs. She placed her feet in my lap and I began to masturbate with them in the sandals. The feeling of her soft feet and the leather of the sandals was awesome. She then took one of the clogs out of her oversized handbag. She held the clog up and began to rub it and move it around. Then she reached back into her bag and retrieved a cigarette lighter. She struck the leather and touched the flame to the leather. She held it there for at least thirty seconds, but the leather would not catch on fire. It tighted up and turned dark, but it didn't hold a flame. Pauline said that she has another idea and told me to meet there the next day.

I met Pauline under the bleachers again and I immediately began to masturbate with her feet and sandals. She then took out some Zippo lighter fluid. She took the fluid and squirted some onto the toe of the right clog, right where the scorch mark was from the day before. She struck the lighter and touched the flame to the clog. The leather caught fire and burned steadily. As the flames danced on the surface of the leather, it began to shrink and wrinkle. The flames spread out more and intensified. The leather began to slowly crack and split open. With a slight "phoof" the fire began to burn on the inside of the clog. Flames rolled out of the clog and burned on the surface as well. The leather began to sizzle and bubble. Gradually the flames spread out and engulfed the entire leather upper. The leather split and rolled back as it burned. I brought myself to a shattering orgasm with Paulines feet. As the fire on the clog died down, Pauline did something I was not expecting. She took the lighter fluid and squirted a little onto some of the leather straps of her left sandal. She did this as the sandal was on her foot. She then lit the straps and the flames burned wildly. For two or three seconds, the sandal on her foot was in flames. She quickly put it out. There was no damage to her foot or sandal. Seeing flames dancing around on those leather straps and just above the skin of her foot was enough to make me cum again. Later that summer, we burned the sandals.
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Re: Pauline - A shoe burning story.

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Today, Pauline would probably wear a pair of sneakers !
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