Boots for traction

Any type of shoe abuse. Broken heels, well worn shoes, scuffed shoes, torn shoes, shoes run over by cars, shoes dragged on the ground, crinkled pointy toes, shoes sawed in half, shoes run over by cars, lost shoes, shoe trees, trample, crush, etc. Any other discussion or photos having to do with shoes, boots or other footwear, abused or not, is welcome.

Alle Arten von Schuh-Missbrauch. Abgebrochene Absätze, sehr getragene, abgenutzte, verschlissene, zerissene, überfahrene Schuhe. Schuhe über den Boden gerschliffen, zerknitterte Schuhspitzen, zersägte, plattgetretene, zerquetschte Schuhe, verlorene Schuhe, Schuhbäume etc. Jede andere Diskussion oder Fotos im Zusammenhang mit Schuhen oder Stiefeln oder andere Arten von Schuhen, missbraucht oder nicht, ist willkommen.

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Boots for traction

Post by erv2u »

Whenever I see stuck videos, I fantasize about the driver using her shoes/boots under the wheels for traction.

Youtube trailer

Buy clip 52 ... c/Limit24/
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Re: Boots for traction

Post by 001 »

Poor old boots. She should have taken them home even if still caked in mud!
Then used the new replacement boots to continue abusing them.
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Re: Boots for traction

Post by insole01 »

what a wonderful clip, really. please continue :)
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