Anyone like ladies figure skates?

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Anyone like ladies figure skates?

Post by mjs1987 »

I'm one of those few with such a huge fetish for ladies figure skates (white boots with associated blades and toepick screwed on the sole) and would always glue my eyes to a pair worn on a lady's feet as she's walking around. I've long had a fantasy where a woman would have her pretty figure skates laced on and tromp on everything from icing-decadent cakes to mud! My heart would melt imagining the blades and toepicks being beautifully caked in either icing or mud!

And just a few months ago a guy filmed a Youtube vid of himself donning a pair of ladies figure skates to walk around a forest and come across sand and mud where they eventually would sink in and get caked with a beautiful muddy mess, before using the water stream to clean off! Only thing that could've been better would be a cute girl doing the job, but it was heaven!

I'm just wondering if anyone has this sort of vibe, given the love for muddy boots in general on here? I'm sure I'm not the only one!
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Re: Anyone like ladies figure skates?

Post by 001 »

I have a pair of ladies ice skates.
They are part of my Bective shoe collection and date from around the 1950s.
Bective are no longer around, I collect the brand and have around 100 pairs of various ladies shoes, mostly Swiss lace and suede or embroidered nylon all dating from around 1930 to 1970s.
This particular pair of ice skates though are not white but brown.
I cannot say that they are particularly appealing to me beyond being a vintage brand that I collect so have value to me as part of that collection.
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