Parking in Heels?

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Re: Parking in Heels?

Post by PumpingPumps »

I had Ms. Christina make a custom video of this situation! She put it on her Clips4Sale site and it is WELL worth the purchase!

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Re: Parking in Heels?

Post by PAGA »


Thank you for your story.

Yes, seeing a woman in heels struggling with stucking or clutch in a too little carpark is very exciting.
In the old time, it was exciting to see them strugling with cold engine , between two cars (front and behind), stalling and struggling with handbreak, clutch, choke .....

Now the engine are easier, but the pedal are easier for high heels too : so ladies, keep your heels for driving !

We appreciate .... you are walking with some difficulties with high heels , but in the car you could be a virtuos with your pedals ....

I am a male ( not gay or transgender) , but I appreciate sometimes to drive my car with high heels : the heel makes like a pivot betwen the both pedals : brake and gaz .....

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Re: Parking in Heels?

Post by PumpingPumps »

Found another video!! Its not exactly parallel parking, but more getting out of a parking spot. She hits the bumpers 23 times!! Really hard bumper bumps too and there are pedal pumping shots. She scuffs up the bumpers and breaks a light!

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Re: Parking in Heels?

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Here is another video with a model in high heels bumping bumpers while trying to parallel park.

Link: ... _custom671
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Re: Parking in Heels?

Post by stevenross »

would truly love to connect & discuss stories/experiences on this great topic of women trying to park while wearing heels! anyone? have a ton of very good info on the topic! my interest started at a very young age with my next door neighbor who drove a big Caddy and wore the highest heels each day. She was short so it was a great look. I couldn't wait for her to get home and watch her try to park the big old car. Amazing how much banging she would always do - both other cars and the poor curbs!
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Re: Parking in Heels?

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PAGA wrote: Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:04 am Hi

Thank you for this topic. About woman in carpark, recently I saw an exciting oldfashion secene : a woman having difficulties to go out bumping a bit with the cars in front and back, but in addition with an old cold car and in a slope ..... so she had to struggle with the choke and the pedal to keep the engine alive in adition. The best girls in Georgia only on this site.
The woman had heels and was very affirmed so it was exciting to see her struggling and having some fears to not succeed nevertheless.

These kind of scene were frequent 30 years ago and in these time drivers were more carefull not to bump , so the exercice was more difficult: in this way I have a nice memory with a friend of my mother: she was starting at cold in a slope with cars before and behind; the handbreak was not efficient ; so in order to rev her engine she prefered to give up the handbreak, to break with the right foot (as usual) and to pump with the left foot (with the left leg under the right one !) : when you were seating on the back seat as young boy, it was interesting ......

It's fascinating how such moments stick with us, isn't it? I also find these scenes nostalgic, reflecting a time when every drive could turn into a mini-adventure. It required skill and patience, qualities that made those drivers admirable in their own unique way.
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