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New Member Intro

Post by Holls94 »

Hello all,

Upon registering the site recommends I make a little introduction about myself, so here is mine. My name is Holly I’m 27 based in UK and over the years I’ve slowly developed a restricted interest in what you call ‘WAM’ side of heels from conducting messy encounters and even accidental situations in my heels over the years. I’m glad I’ve discovered this page so I can exchange ideas and discuss with like-minded people who understand this fantasy or fetish?

I wear heels often given my line of work and dress code so I find myself in all sorts of situations with them, wearing them down and breaking tips, getting wet etc…

If I had to put a timeframe for when this all emerged it would have to be 10 Years ago on my ‘Prom Night’. Out on the grass lawn my with my friends my heels effortlessly sank down aswell as other theirs did though given my heel length was 4.5” I struggled that bit more. Naturally I was frustrated at first but over the extended period I came to find that I oddly enjoy it, luckily nobody could notice my muddy grass stained heels as my dress concealed the messy reality! Since then my liking towards it has grown…

I could go on as I have many stories to tell but I don’t think this is the right forum to do so? Anyways, I hope to acquire the time in my lively schedule to produce messy situations which I can share with you all at some point.
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Re: New Member Intro

Post by josephine »

Hello and welcome.

Make yourself at home 😉

'It doesn't matter what you are wearing-If you have good shoes and a good bag, you'll look right.'

Tamara Yeardye-President of Jimmy Choo.
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