Burning Heels

High heels on fire.

Brennende Schuhe und Stiefel.

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Burning Heels

Post by Barbarossa »

I finally have an oven and can burn heels whenever I like. Who would like to see it?
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Re: Burning Heels

Post by mazz »

great to see
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Re: Burning Heels

Post by 4Boot »

That sounds promising ! ;-)
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Re: Burning Heels

Post by heelburner1(o.cal) »

MMMM i would love to see when you burn sexy buffalos.
you have one posted that you will cook louboutins shoes. did you cook them? would love to see louboutins in boiling water!! and the other in fire? mmmmmm cant wait for good photos!
thank you!!
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Re: Burning Heels

Post by Fluxade »

Yes Please! 😊
The picture reminds me of my childhood.
Unwanted heels endet up in the boiler. Before they got in they were stored in the firewood cradle and served as firestarters if fire became low.
I was allowed to play with the shoes til they are gone.
Thank you!
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Re: Burning Heels

Post by rigilover »

Keep going :-)
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Re: Burning Heels

Post by italyanstyle »

yeess! and as encouragement the photos of a nice BBQ 8) :twisted:
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