Monica Seles heels taken off and burnt

High heels on fire.

Brennende Schuhe und Stiefel.

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Monica Seles heels taken off and burnt

Post by andy23nz »

This is the interview by Jimmel Kimmel following Monicas elimination from dancing with the stars

Her peeptoes get taken off then throwninto the fire [YOUTUBE]][/YOUTUBE]
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Re: Monica Seles heels taken off and burnt

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Re: Monica Seles heels taken off and burnt

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That is so sad to see those helpless shoes fried like that, they would have had no clue that they were about to suffer such a horrific demise.
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Re: Monica Seles heels taken off and burnt

Post by Fluxade »

Guilermo burnt lots of sexy shoes after the Jimmy Kimmel show. Kimmel invited every discarded couple from dancing with the stars show (Dwts) and finally the heels, not only dancing shoes, had to be burnt in the old oil barrel or later shredder into pieces in a wood shredder. One could think that there was someone with a shoe destruction fetish involved in the making of the Jimmy Kimmel show. I have copies from some burning session posted on YT years ago but lost some during change of PC. I would be happy to find them again.
5:00 Kristin Cavallari loses her sexy sandals to the fire
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Re: Monica Seles heels taken off and burnt

Post by burn2shoes »

The burning of these women's shoes must have been inspired by someone who has a fetish for burning women's shoes. It's a great combination of this kind of fetishism with the actual burning of famous women's shoes. Watching these movies where these women saw that their shoes would be burned my heart beats hard and my pants get hard. Some girls scream with amazement seeing their shoes on fire. Those poor shoes danced on their feet and probably didn't expect such an end. They burned punished in a barbaric way. The heels of Monika Seles were in the worst situation. They had been taken off their feet and probably still sweaty thrown straight into the fire.
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