Cross Country Mud

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Cross Country Mud

Post by Diogenes »

When I was at school and in the last year - 18! I hated PE so usually left my kit behind so I didn't have to do anything. Eventually the PE mistress got fed up with me and told me if I didn't bring my games kit, I'd have to do stuff in my school clothes (like swimming? - I don't think so) So the next week i didn't take my kit
Our uniform was a grey skirt, white blouse and pullover and tights or socks with shoes ( no boots) I had a pair of brown high heel loafers which I'd inherited from my sister. They were sloppy on my feet, scuffed and stained with bits of stitching sticking out and they had quite big sweat stains inside. I could make them fall off my heels at every step if I wanted, which I usually did

No Kit again - shouted the mistress. "Sorry Miss" "Well you're doing cross country and as it's been raining all week you're going to get pretty muddy. Are they your shoes? because if they are they've got a nasty surprise coming - off you go and come and see me when you get back"

Well I wasn't going to rush and the first bit was on pavement, my slippy shoes usually wore my socks out in double quick time, but this was a new pair although they were quite damp from my sweaty feet. Then we turned off and there was the mud, but it wasn't too bad, just sliding over it really with my heels steadying me, but it soon changed. In front of me was a morass of mud, covered with foot prints full of dirty water, I had to cross it so I set off. My heels started to sink in the mud which was trying to suck my shoes off. My heels were coming out a huge amount but we were making progress with mud creaming up the sides of my shoes. Then it happened - I stepped forward into what I thought was another bit and with a splosh my foot went into a muddy puddle up to the ankle, my shoe filled up with dirty water and I stepped out of it and put my foot down in the mud, covering my socks with dirty water and soft mud. What was odd was that I didn't feel cross or upset, I'd been enjoying the feeling of sinking in the mud and it seemed quite nice to have a shoe full, my knickers were getting wet as I was finding this very arousing

I plunged my mud soaked sock into my waterlogged shoe and dragged it out of the mud, then I made sure the other shoe got the same treatment. This happened a few times and each time when I put my shoe back on, mud squirted everywhere, up my legs, splashing my skirt - I didn't care - I was loving it. Then around another corner a huge pool of dirty water, must have been 20 feet wide. There were lots of footprints round the edges. fark that I thought - I'm going in and as I marched towards the middle of the pool my feet were sinking and sinking. In the middle I pulled a foot out, my loafer was dangling off my toes with dirty water pouring out of the heel and my shoe and sock were caked in mud well above the ankle. As I came out I made sure to leave each shoe behind, stand in some soft mud and scoop some of it into my shoe. It felt amazing

Of course my light brown shoes were now very dark brown under the mud and the water had detached the inner soles which were sticking out the side of my shoes. Squelching at every step I was in heaven!

When I got back the PE mistress looked at me and said " Couldn't you have got any dirtier? I hope that's taught you a lesson!" It has" I said, "but not the one you think it is!" " Come with me" she said and took me into a room, she grabbed my hand and put it up her skirt. I thought I'd creamed my knickers, but it was nothing like hers, her snatch was soaked through her knickers and tights. "You dirty bitch" she said, you've made me so turned on I might piss myself. " You can't do that" I said " You'll spoil those lovely high heel cowboy boots" " I hope so" she said as a golden stream poured over my hand, through her knickers and tights and down her legs into her boots

" Right" she said "fancy a cross country at the weekend, just you and me. I'll wear your shoes, which I think are really sexy and just about to fall apart, you wear my boots and if you completely trash them, they're yours!"
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Re: Cross Country Mud

Post by muddy2shoes »

very nice story, I wish there were pictures and fingers crossed a follow-up
Shoes and Mud 'Ahh what a great combination!'
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Re: Cross Country Mud

Post by nick27381 »

hey good one
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