Custom Videos (STUCK) with Eden / Britteni Bank

As requested, a new home for the stuck scene.

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Custom Videos (STUCK) with Eden / Britteni Bank

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I've had many people reach out for customs in the past. There was a couple that ended up backing out prior to the last planned shoot. I have a few slots still available for either Friday shoot with Britteni Bank... Or Saturday / Sunday Shoot with Eden. Please message if interested.

Upcoming Shoot Schedule:

Friday (6/3) - 8am - 4pm Shoot with Brittani Bank
Saturday (6/4) - 10am - 6pm Shoot with Eden
Sunday (6/5) - 8am - 3pm Shoot with Eden

There are 3 full days of STUCK content that will be produced. Will be filming many scenarios, customs, heels, feet, legs, breasts all trapped in sticky rat glue, hot melt and thick black tar.

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