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Co-Workers old shoes

Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2021 8:51 pm
by Brokenheel
I had posted over a year ago of me soaking my co-workers (Justine) nine west stilettos in the sink at work. Unfortuently she has left the company. Her and i were friends but luckily she threw out some shoes she kept at work. She normally came into work in winter boots or sneakers (normally no socks) and would change into a pair of heels she kept at her desk. When I came to say goodbye I saw multiple pairs of shoes in her garbage can. When I asked her why she was throwing away so many shoes she said the two black pairs were hers and they were old and gross. The other shoes were from one of our accounts (Kim) who decided to get rid of the two pairs under her desk.
Justine has a big foot and her shoes and either size 9 or 10. I have had the pleasure of sniffing her Aldos multiple times after they were worn barefoot. I even got to sniff her nylon covered foot drinking beers with her after work one day. She was had slipped off the black platform's complaining her feet hurt and I told her that they smelled too. She shoved them in my face as a joke. I loved it.
The orange Jessica Simpson stilletos and the black 90s Connie's were our accounts Kim's. She is about 50, cute and always wears heels. The orange pair doesn't smell but the toe pad of the Connie's does and I love the vintage Connie's and will keep them for awhile.
When I put the hot water in the orange heels, the dye ran everywhere!!