Boyfriend runs my pantyhose

Wet nylons, pantyhose, stockings and socks. Messy, abused, torn, shredded, nylons with runs, and whatever else you can think of is fine too.

Nasse Nylons, Strumpfhosen und Strümpfe. Beschmutzt, missbraucht, zerschlissen, zerrissen, Laufmaschen und was auch immer gefallen könnte im Zusammenhang mit zarten Maschen.

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Boyfriend runs my pantyhose

Post by nylonpantyhose » Wed Feb 15, 2006 7:42 am

This past Friday my boyfriend and I attended a funeral. I wore a black dress, black mist pantyhose and black pumps. At the funeral home I needed to use the ladies room. When pulling my sheer to waist pantyhose up I caught my bangle bracelet against my pantyhose on the front of my right thigh. I carefully unhooked my bracelet. The bracelet had caused a small snag but no run or hole. I carefully pulled my pantyhose the rest of the way up and returned to the viewing room. It was time for everyone to get in their cars and head to the cemetary. My boyfriend held the car door open for me and as I lowered myself into the car I sensed the unmistakable feeling of a run going down my leg. Before I could check my boyfriend blurted out "oh Baby, your pantyhose just got a run."

There wasn't anything I could do about it as I hadn't put a spare pair in my purse. We attended the service at the cemetary and then the gathering back at his uncle's home. Once we were at the Uncle's I retreated to the bathroom to inspect my pantyhose. I very tiny hole had erupted and caused a run no wider than a strand of spaghetti to race down the front of my leg to within a few inches from my ankle. I was happy to know my pantyhose would probably hold up for the rest of the afternoon. The gathering at the house went on for hours and my boyfriend and I didn't get home until late that evening. I was exhausted and had a splitting headache so I simply removed my dress and shoes and kept my pantyhose and camisole on. I never wear panties with pantyhose. When I got in bed I noticed that the run in my pantyhose had not gotten any worse.

Saturday morning and I awake. I slowled pull the covers back to sneak out of bed without waking my boyfriend and as I pull the covers back, I notice that the run in the right leg of my pantyhose is at least two inches wide and goes all the way down to the reinforced toe. I'm surprised and wonder if I didn't realize I had a larger run than I though. Just then my boyfriend awakens. He looks up at me and smiles. Tom says "I see you noticed the run." I tell him that I could swear I didn't have a run as bad as this when we got home. He tells me that I didn't but that he thought my legs were so sexy in the pantyhose and that since they already had a run he couldn't resist playing with it.

We smiled at each other for a moment and then I asked him if he wanted to "finish my pantyhose off." He asked what I meant and I told him that if he wanted to he could put more runs in them before I threw them out. With that the covers flew off and he was kneeling in bed with his dick hard. I lay back in bed on my back as he knelt beside me. He knelt at my feet, took my left leg in his hands and proceeded to pop a hole in the underside of my foot, just below the reinforced toe. A run shot down my foot. I wiggled my foot and the run came up the back of my heel. I told Tom that that was about as far as it would go unless he help it along. Tom had other ideas. He retreated to the bathroom for a second. When he returned he had a metal nail file. He proceeded to punch holes throughout the legs, feet and panty of my pantyhose. Once he was done he moved down to my feet. He grabbed hold of the toes of each stocking and began to pull slowly. As he did so the pantyhose began to run at my feet. He also began wrapping the nylon around his fists as he pulled so as not to lose the tension in the fabric. He continued pulling, keeping the nylon taught. You could actually hear the runs ripping through the nylon as they raced up and down my pantyhose. Tom continued to pull until he had pulled so had that the crotch of my pantyhose had stretch down to just above my knees. At this point, I opened my legs just a little wider and the entire crotch area of my pantyhose suddenly burst open. The explosion startled us and we laughed. Tom said he thought my pantyhose were pretty well destroyed and that now I should pull them up and wear runny pantyhose for him. I pulled them pantyhose back in place and smoothed them out over my legs. They were a mess of runny nylon. Tom said he liked the look because I was his pantyhose "ho" and now he could screw me in my torn pantyhose. After we made love Tom tore my pantyhose off and said he would discreetly leave them in a gym locker for someone to find!

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