What type of thigh high boots are they?

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What type of thigh high boots are they?

Post by wadeboot » Sun Oct 02, 2016 1:38 am

Hello Everybody!
There are many nice wet boots videos from youtube user Lost Forboots. Best of them are THIGH HIGH PLATFORM BOOTS IN MUD! I adore them so much! :D :D :D And wonderful Squelchy walk in thigh boots! I LOVE these sounds too! :D Wanna know - what boots are they?
I wonder - are they Pleaser DELIGHT 3000? Black stretch vinyl platform boots. What do you think?
I´m going to order a pair of thigh highs too and try similar things! :D :D :D
Thanks for your help !

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Re: What type of thigh high boots are they?

Post by wadeboot » Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:50 am

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Re: What type of thigh high boots are they?

Post by justauser » Tue Oct 04, 2016 6:58 am

Should be Pleaser Delight 3000, those are very similar at least

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Re: What type of thigh high boots are they?

Post by wadeboot » Fri Oct 14, 2016 6:03 am

Thanks for your reply! I agree - these should be DELIGHT 3000! Want to know - how many WET and MUDDY actions can they survive? :D Have you got experience with other PLEASER BOOTS /stretch, lack, leather/ SEDUCE, ELECTRA , ADORE etc ? And what are better for actions like these - lack, PU or leather? Thanks for your answers. :D :D :D

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Re: What type of thigh high boots are they?

Post by wadeboot » Fri Oct 14, 2016 6:14 am

And here´s another beautiful video - these are SQUELCHING SO NICELY!!! :D :D :D
Looking forward to try getting wet and muddy my thigh high boots too! :D :D :D

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Re: What type of thigh high boots are they?

Post by justauser » Sat Oct 15, 2016 12:51 pm

Have to get technical, it´s a little lengthy:

Biggest problem with heels in undry situations in general is - the sole gets weak, soft, or the heels break off.

Pleaser has many product lines where the sole including heel is just one single piece of plastic.
To name a few: Delight, Adore, Flair, Taboo, Extreme, Sky
On all of them the inner sole core is glued to this plastic heel/platform piece, above the heel a few nails or cramps are added.
This still does not imply they´re impervious!
No matter how strong the sole itself or the nails/cramps hold up, the upper can still come loose from the sole.
But that applies to each and every shoe where those two aren´t sewn together.
The sole piece is always white (or clear, where clear is visible), it´s just painted!
So scratches on the sole will show white.

On Electras (and pretty much any heel where the outsole under the arch is thin) the heel and platform are two parts, both are one connected by the inner sole core, this is only a piece of thick, impregnated cardboard (pretty much ALL manufactures use this material, this is not only a Pleaser thing!). Between insole and core a piece of steel reinforces the core, the heel is nailed/screwed to this metal piece with the core in between.
The front of the piece is riveted to the core somewhere in the front part of the arch, but not into the platform block (pretty much every other manufacturer does is the exact same way)!.
If this cardboard piece soaks through, the heel is still ok, but the rivet further down breaks out.
It feels like the heel gets loose, but in fact it´s just the sole core loosing its integrity, the wearer might notice something pressing up under the middle of his foot - this is the metal piece.
This issue you´ll find on pretty much any heel to various degrees, except if the outsole itself is rigid enough.
Some heels held up good, some don´t.
Heel and platform are covered in patent, this can be torn of or damaged by stones or other hard stuff.

Nevertheless the Electras are not that bad, have seen other makes/models fail earlier.

I only got two pairs from the Seduce line, both the 420 (pumps).
Seem to hold up quite well.

The Indulge line does not seem to be bad either, but their higher heel causes more torsional forces to the arch, which in comparison to the Seduce leaves the Indulge a little less robust.

I won´t rule the possibility that out there are platforms with a totally water resitent sole core or where the metal strip provides a solid connection between heel and platform. Maybe I own such ones already, but without them failing there´s no need to look inside, right?

Ok, now material:
Leather, with proper care, will survive many, many soakings.
Thinner uppers may get delicate when wet, the leather then gets too soft.

just as leather, but there´s a fade-out issue.
Plain leather can be greased up easily, but suede, especially non-black stuff, isn´t that easy

Can hold up very well, but I had a pair from pleaser, were the coating started to come off in areas.
I think this maybe due to unwanted contaminations during manufacturing (worker with greasy fingers holds the base material somewhere)

My favourite pleaser material, holds up very well
Ok, it´s vinyl, they make floors out it

Just like patent, I think, doesn´t deteriorate.
But as it is kind of a fabric, cleaning it deeply may be an issue.

I don´t know if the matte uppers are always PU or if there are also matte vinyl varieties.
The latter should have the same properties like patent.

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Re: What type of thigh high boots are they?

Post by boots_in_2_deep » Sat Oct 15, 2016 6:03 pm

As Justauser pointed out, pretty much all less-than couture quality ladies' shoes and boots use the same types of sole and heel construction, which do not lend themselves well to repeated or prolonged exposure to water, much less mud. I have taken to reinforcing the heels of my boots, at least those that I hope to wear more than once, by adding screws on either side of the factory installed staple holding the heel on. That at least increases the heels' resistance to lateral forces and delays water intrusion through the exterior of the sole. Also, it is very important to wash and clean boots as quickly as possible, and dry them as thoroughly as possible, to keep the insole from being saturated for too long. As for platforms, their main attachment to the upper material is glue, so the integrity of the bond of the sole/heel unit is the weak point. Some shoes and boots may use ultrasonic welding, however I have no information on who might. I have a pair of Delight-3000s, they have only been in the mud once (As a matter of fact, I need to get them out again), and they held up well sinking into and being extracted from knee-deep mud, at least that time. A can of gloss black spray paint is good for touching up plastic heels that had their finish scrubbed off. For heels that have one or more laminated surfaces, I am going to try using adhesive-lined shrink tubing to protect their finish.

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