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Post by hymerboots »

Freak wrote:Ich antworte hier auch mal schnell auf deutsch, scheint ja eh die h?lfte der Members hier deutsch zu k?nnen.
Ich w?rde auf jeden Fall auch gerne mehr von dieser Serie sehen. Die Wei?en sind doch die von Deichmann? Die sind total scharf die Teile.
Bitte mehr davon.

Please more pics.......


Hi Feak,

Yes , they are from "DEICHMANN"

You will wonder how they look on the
end of these session. :twisted: :twisted:

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Post by Puddleboy »

Where it's never been made official, most of this forum is UK based, so I take it for granted that most posts would be in English.

However, I actually enjoy seeing another language penetrating the forum. If you need to translate it, you can always copy and paste into a language translation site...


I'm sure this forum has many viewers who don't understand one word of English. They come here to see the pictures, as photos don't have any language barriers.

..... pb
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men in heels

Post by Johnieheel »

It's a goooood thing. I have a beautiful girlfriend that loves wam as much as I or anybody and does not have a problem with my heel fetish.I wear them in public and any where I want.I'm as straight as they cum and don't believe that shoes or any other type of clothing should have a gender. Women have enjoyed mens clothing forever so what is wrong if I want to enjoy the feel of nice heels on my feet? Real men wear HEELS!!![and sometimes mess them up...]
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Post by Mary Jane »

I do believe you have a good point.

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Post by saintnick »

Why shouldnt men wear heels.
No disrespect to any gay or crossdressers or TVs or who ever is out there.
(as i know a couple myself and have no problem with this whatsoever)
but i am a straight guy with a partner and small child and i love wearing heeled boots and also rubber boots.and hymers honesty is very impressive. they make boots and shoes in mens sizes so wear them with pride is what i say, as ive said before....

If you like it, do it and dont be ashamed.
Mud! the deeper the better, feel it inside your boots!
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Post by love_prada_and_gucci »

saintnick wrote:Why shouldnt men wear heels.
No disrespect to any gay or crossdressers or TVs or who ever is out there.

I always asked this question and my answer is quite simple. I think the society (in general) are not ready for it. I will give you an example. I saw a man wear high heels while I go shopping. The man was wearning a pair of mary jane, block heel type, black. The pair was brand new because the man have the shoes box with me. I'm waiting for the bus with my girlfriend, him too.

I was able to hear all comments from girls in the bus stations. My girlfriend replyed to me : Look at the guy! He wears high heels. He must be g*y.

I try to convinced her that man can wear high heels if he wants to and it is not oriented about the.... you know what I mean!

So I tell her that heels are worn my men before than women, but it doesn't change anything.

So, there is my point of view about this.
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Post by Puddleboy »

I may have wrote this here before, but maybe not.

If society would accept men wearing heels, I would be one of the first to start wearing them. This is the reason I wear cowboy boots. It's the only heeled footwear that society has accepted for men.

..... pb
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