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Just A Question!

Post by Damagedheels.com(hhds) » Sun Oct 06, 2019 5:48 pm

Let me 1st say this is in NO way a dig at any contributors here! and if it upsets anyone then I am genuinely sorry that isnt my intention! its just something ive noticed happening more and more over the past few years on this forum and on places like facebook!
Am I the only one here who likes to see WOMEN wearing high heels and not men cross dressing trying to pass themselves off as women wearing high heels? and why are men posting material and not stating that the material is male cross dressing? It kinda annoys me that people are trying to pass male material off as female without stating the fact!
It has to be said I have no problem with men cross dressing and posting images on the internet! its there/your life, live it how you want,just please be a little more upfront about them images your posting?
Genuinely interested in everyone else's thoughts!

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