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dump horsewoman takes a shortcut...

Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2016 4:24 pm
by Fisto
Hey stuck and horsewoman fanĀ“s,

if its about people (especially women) getting in sticky situations I enjoy everything what has to do with it... videos, fotos, storys or news. Also it dosend matters in what the cute girls get stuck... superglue, tar, bubblegum, mud, clay or qicksand... Most importantly, they stick or stuck properly and are totaly helpless.

Here I whant to share a news or a report from a fire department in Germany with a special task. So this is a true and funny storry about a litle green horsewomen in sexy rubber riding boots.

Lets Talk about people getting into sticky situations because they behave idiotic...
After a few days of heavy rain our already mentioned young and green/dump horsewoman puts on her tight high rubber riding boots to take a shortcut. This Shortcut leads through a freshly plowed loamy field... Of course, the young horsewoman walked like an idiot direkt into the sticky loam of the totaly soaked field.

What happens next...

Of course she got stuck immediately after a few steps. The gooey loam sticks like bubbelgum to her rubberboots and wont let her go. The intendent shortcut becoms nothing less than a treacherous mud trap.

A passant called the fire department. The fireman needet one and a half hour to dig the little damsel out of the sticky mud...

Enjoy some rare pictures of a true story like this


Firefighter must be a great job :wink:

if you were the passant... would you helpt her or would you enjoy the funny situation???

Are such dump girls getting stuck in mud german exclusiv or are there similar true storys around the world?