Walking around town in stocking feet

Wet nylons, pantyhose, stockings and socks. Messy, abused, torn, shredded, nylons with runs, and whatever else you can think of is fine too.

Nasse Nylons, Strumpfhosen und Strümpfe. Beschmutzt, missbraucht, zerschlissen, zerrissen, Laufmaschen und was auch immer gefallen könnte im Zusammenhang mit zarten Maschen.

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Walking around town in stocking feet

Postby Robby Boy on Sun Nov 19, 2006 10:34 pm

Hi guys. There have been some fantastic posts in this forum. I don't know about you lot, but I'm looking forward to Opaqueph2000 to make another appearance.

It really is hard to find decent picture of girls/women walking around town in stocking/pantyhose feet while getting them very laddered with filthy soles. Apart from Johnny nova and a couple others, are there any sites dedicated to this line of interest?

Many thanks for your input. Keep up the good work peopleand keep 'em coming.
Robby Boy

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Postby JDFC on Tue Nov 21, 2006 7:17 am

What about toejam making another post or two...or maybe ten? I used to love hearing the stories about his wife Megan dirtying her stockinged feet.

I konw of a few sites like the ones you mentioned, Robby, but they are staged pics. I've found maybe one or two sites, apart from Johnny Nova, in which women would actually remove their shoes and walk around town in thei stockinged feet, dirtying them and making runs and holes. It is a shame that there aren't more sites like that. The best advice I can give you is do a Google search (if you haven't already, obviously) and see what comes up.

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Postby shred on Tue Nov 21, 2006 8:16 am


Please mention those other sites you know. Except for my own site (which does not show town pictures) and pantyhose-x (which shows only staged pictures) I have not found a single one. Googling is fruitless, searching for pantyhose usually returns a lot of porn sites which show cunt & tits of a model which happens to wear pantyhose.

If you know the existence of those sites, please share your knowledge with us.


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Postby Abraxas on Tue Nov 21, 2006 5:40 pm

Not what you're looking for and not the best video, but it's worth to have a look at...

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The link

Postby Abraxas on Tue Nov 21, 2006 5:41 pm

I forgot the link :D Here it is:

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Postby Robby Boy on Tue Nov 21, 2006 9:51 pm

Hi there Abraxas. Great to hear from you. This is pretty much what I was looking for. Good work. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Pity it was a bit brief with the woman in black stockings but it still works for me.

If there is any more like this, please keep 'em coming. As we all know, for some reason, they do seem to be hard to find.
Robby Boy

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Postby toejam on Thu Nov 23, 2006 5:32 am

Greetings to the readers and happy holidays. Sorry I haven't posted in months, but my wife and I have been consumed by her new lifestyle of barefooting about town in her stockings while devoid of shoes. It's great that others continue to appreciate one of my greatest passions of seeing an impeccably attired woman who isn't afraid to lose her shoes and publicly pad around in just her nylons.

Those who've read my older posts probably remember my recollection of how my wife, Megan, began barefooting in her stockings. What began as merely a casual gesture to excite passion in our relationship has quickly transpired into a lifestyle choice for her. She is, perhaps, the only woman I've ever known equally as comfortable in just her nylons as a pair of $200 heels. In fact, she seems to spend more time out of her heels than in them, as demonstrated by the fortune we spend on her hosiery. She requires a new pair every day, as well as frequent pedicures to keep her soles from becoming callused. It might be sexy to see a woman barefoot in public, but it doesn't do much for her soles.

Now that Megan is a self-proclaimed avid barefooter, she doesn't simply go barefoot in her stockings as much as she literally reduces her stocking feet to dirty soles. Unlike many of the Internet sites that stage barefoot pictures of fully-dressed and shoeless woman in nylons, my wife actually goes barefoot in her stockings without bringing any shoes along. At this point, I've seen her stocking footed in the grocery store, mall, movie theater, outdoors in the park, restaurant, both of our respective offices, dinner party, black tie dinner, friends' houses, and naturally at home. She even drives in her stocking feet, and her nylons are frequently tattered and her soles dirty. She's never without at least one major run in her stocking. Like Shred's wife, Megan has rather large feet for a petite, and the pronounced balls of her feet combined with thick soles, plump toes, and wide feet are a nightmare to the ultrasheer stockings we both love.

I enjoy reading the posts of others, who share both fictional and real-life accounts of women who barefoot in their hose. Megan and I are a real couple, who actually enjoy the lifestyle to the dismay of casual observers who frequently disapprove. Both Megan and I have grown accustomed to the disapproving stares of curious onlookers. In fact, few things are more excited for either of us that Megan in a business suit, stockings and no shoes where she has an audience. I will continue to post her exploits as long as there is an interested readership here.

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