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Wardrobe malfunctions (stories and pictures)

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2020 11:06 pm
by Chocolaterain
Hi all,

For me one of the hottest things to see is voluntary abuse of shoes, and after that, unvoluntary abuse, as I will show in this post. All of these have been happening to my girlfriend over time, I hope you like them.
First off, she was out with some friends (I wasn't there sadly) and wrote to me "well my shoe broke and now i have to get home somehow, it just went i dont know what happened". This is what happened:
Short after, she tells me she is upset because this stuff happens to her all the time (i wish...), and look what happened to these sandals (not a huge fan so...)
Since i'm also a fan of shoes and mud, this one was of the hottest for me. Sadly it only has happened once... I wasn't there, but she was shopping with some friends and apparently they got caught up with some heavy rain. Running for cover they stepped on some mud, and look at what happened to these boots :twisted:
Also in the theme of boots and booties, these were some brown booties with a very high heel. She's not used to walking a lot with them, and this day I was making a BBQ at home with a big group of friends. Before arriving she was buying some stuff to bring in, and when she got to my door pointed to her shoe "look at what happened to my heel. I'm so mad right now". I just got her some replacement ones. But i managed to sneak them into the bathroom for some pictures, and a little something else...
Cosa (1).jpg
Another going out story, with these brand new sandals. We walked quite a lot that day, and when she was getting home the strap snapped. Straght to the trash sadly...
Maybe the hottest heels she ever wore. (in my opinon, she didn't like them at all, and had to sell them because they didn't fit her at all) I bought them super cheap because the heel was snapped. Apparently the woman that owned them spend around 150€ on them, stepped on a drain and got stuck. This was the result. I sent them for repairs that took quite sometime. THis is her wearing them after.
After getting stuck on a drain

Re: Wardrobe malfunctions (stories and pictures)

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2020 11:20 pm
by Chocolaterain
She wore them to get some pictures for the sale, and also for myself :wink:
This happened last holidays, and for our aniversary stayed in a 5 star hotel and went somewhere to have dinner. As a surprise she wore these that she bought a week before that i absolutly and still love today. We had a little walk before dinner, but at some point and just like with the booties, one of the heels almost snapped :twisted: she was upset of course, and i couldn't get any pictures of the shoes... In the end the heel didn't break completely :cry:
For last and more recently, she wore these wedges that i really like that were stored for quite sometime. As soon as she went outside and walked a bit, one of the straps snapped. We had a spare pair of shoes in the car. At home i tried to fix them with some nails but it didn't work well. Also the front of one of the shoes also went...
Now I have them at home and have been repaired, and i hope she wears them someday so i can absolutely trash them with my own hands :twisted: I will 100% try to get pictures of that.
After repairs:

Re: Wardrobe malfunctions (stories and pictures)

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2020 4:38 am
by Chocolaterain
Link for a poll to decide what shoes to play with next ... =1&t=26975