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damaged heel collection - for sale or videos

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:32 am
by Leila
While organizing my outfits I discovered that I accidentally damaged a bunch of my older heels by leaving them in the attic over the summer. The extreme heat seems to have dissolved some of the glue so the soles are very easy to rip out at this point. Some are more worn than others but all appear to be pretty brittle due to the heat damaging the leather. I'm willing to sell them for cheap or offer cheap custom videos to anyone who is interested. They aren't wearable anyone so one way or another I am getting rid of them! $25 for one pair and only $10 for an additional pair (if you live within the US). Or $25 for a video of me trashing a pair for you. Best way to contact me is via my email

You can see the heels here: