Construction od Destruction LB

Any type of shoe abuse. Broken heels, well worn shoes, scuffed shoes, torn shoes, shoes run over by cars, shoes dragged on the ground, crinkled pointy toes, shoes sawed in half, shoes run over by cars, lost shoes, shoe trees, trample, crush, etc. Any other discussion or photos having to do with shoes, boots or other footwear, abused or not, is welcome.

Alle Arten von Schuh-Missbrauch. Abgebrochene Absätze, sehr getragene, abgenutzte, verschlissene, zerissene, überfahrene Schuhe. Schuhe über den Boden gerschliffen, zerknitterte Schuhspitzen, zersägte, plattgetretene, zerquetschte Schuhe, verlorene Schuhe, Schuhbäume etc. Jede andere Diskussion oder Fotos im Zusammenhang mit Schuhen oder Stiefeln oder andere Arten von Schuhen, missbraucht oder nicht, ist willkommen.

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Construction od Destruction LB

Post by Cammile » Tue Nov 29, 2016 8:38 pm

Construction of destruction part two; Camille is dropped off to once again to locate the construction yard. her task is to bring home some sample rocks from a small specialized quarry. She has to walk uphill for a while to get to her destination and once there Cammile notices that the rocks are huge. She tries to lift them and finds out that they are way too heavy. the only thing she thinks she can do is to break them up and take them with her. Not having any I protection the sledgehammer just off to the right hand side was out of the question. So she starts an attempt by using her slightly scuffed Christian Louboutin slings. So for the next several minutes she chips away at the rock with her heels and tries to move them using the soft of leather of the shoe. After 10 minutes of trying Cammile gets up on a rock with both of her heels and jumps up and down. Losing her balance she falls backwards and nearly gets a nail right through her foot. Unfortunately for her shoes, they did not miss the nail! In the video you can sleep in slow motion how it rips right through the upper soft leather of the shoe. Realizing the near miss, she instantly walks off in her tattered shoes even more upset than when she got there.

Enjoy the photos :)

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Re: Construction od Destruction LB

Post by Trashy » Thu Dec 01, 2016 5:56 am

Wow, very nice, looks dangerous :twisted:
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Re: Construction od Destruction LB

Post by 4Boot » Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:01 pm

Wonderful !

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Re: Construction od Destruction LB

Post by rigilover » Tue Dec 06, 2016 3:01 am

When i was a child and playing next to the construction works, I jabbed a nail in the foot :(
I like to see the sexy shoes stuck on the nail but Very careful, would not like to see Camile's beautiful feet hurt :?

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