Müll-Tag Erlebnis

Any type of shoe abuse. Broken heels, well worn shoes, scuffed shoes, torn shoes, shoes run over by cars, shoes dragged on the ground, crinkled pointy toes, shoes sawed in half, shoes run over by cars, lost shoes, shoe trees, trample, crush, etc. Any other discussion or photos having to do with shoes, boots or other footwear, abused or not, is welcome.

Alle Arten von Schuh-Missbrauch. Abgebrochene Absätze, sehr getragene, abgenutzte, verschlissene, zerissene, überfahrene Schuhe. Schuhe über den Boden gerschliffen, zerknitterte Schuhspitzen, zersägte, plattgetretene, zerquetschte Schuhe, verlorene Schuhe, Schuhbäume etc. Jede andere Diskussion oder Fotos im Zusammenhang mit Schuhen oder Stiefeln oder andere Arten von Schuhen, missbraucht oder nicht, ist willkommen.

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Re: Müll-Tag Erlebnis

Post by 001 » Wed Jan 13, 2016 4:51 am

I hope that you rescued them for future use, or alternatively managed to get a video / photographs of the garbage truck crushing them to a pulp?

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Re: Müll-Tag Erlebnis

Post by slingblade » Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:01 pm

Sie sollten sie aus dem Müll zu nehmen für Ihre eigenen Spaß! lassen Sie sich nicht die Müllmänner haben sie für die Deponie!

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Re: Müll-Tag Erlebnis

Post by milaham » Tue Feb 02, 2016 8:35 am

Heute habe ich wieder in die Mülltonne geschaut.... Letzte Woche war die Nachbarin nicht da und heute lag eine kleine Plastiktüte im Müll, wo schon die Absätze herausschauten... Dieses Mal hatte ich die Chance, die kleine Tüte aus der Tonne zu holen und Fotos zu machen. 4 Paare waren es gleich. Alles Markenschuhe und sicherlich nicht billig. Alle mehr oder weniger getragen. Bin gespannt, wie lange es noch geht mit den Schuhen im Müll, denn der Schuhbestand von der Nachbarin ist riesig. Hier einige Foto bevor ich sie zurück in die Tonne geworfen habe.

I try to translate it in english...

Today I looked back in the trash of my neighbor Lady .... Last week, she was not at home and this time I found a small plastic bag in the garbage where already looked out some heels... This time I had the Chance and time to take out the shoe bag out of the trash to pick up and take pictures. 4 pairs of designer heel were inside. All brand shoes and certainly not cheap. All more or less worn. Let's see how long it goes with the shoes in the garbage, because the shoe components of the neighbor is huge. Here are some photo before I threw them back into the bin.
Weeks before she told me that she will sort out more or les all high heels due to a medical issue with here feet. So step by step she will put them in the trash.

Grey booties - Jil Sander
Black pumps - Konstantin Starke
Black sandals - Calvin Klein
Black patent sandals - Versage
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Re: Müll-Tag Erlebnis

Post by NiceShoes » Tue Feb 02, 2016 7:19 pm

awesome!! love the booties and pumps! u save them or let them go?
is there a way I can have that translated? so I can understand what yall r saying
The messier the better!!

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Re: Müll-Tag Erlebnis

Post by milaham » Thu Feb 04, 2016 8:35 am

What I forgot to tell and show you...

One week before during the day it was snowing a little bit and it was a kid of slippery outside. So I deceided to clean up the parking area to make sure everybody can reach their house safe. When I was nearly ready my neighbor Lady came back from work with her small car. She opend the door of her small car and I was surprised when I saw the long black high heel boots. Wowww, I thought but....
One boot was damaged and she showed me the other boot... It was broken :-( She was very upset because she told me what happend. When she left the Train at the Train Station there was a loud noise like a crack came from her boots and then she recognized she lost a heel... And now the heel is somewhere on the railroad tracks... She said she spent a lot of money for these lovely boots made by Burberry as I found out later because I found them at the bottom of her trash bin :-) I forgot to Show you the pictures. Here now the Pictures.

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Re: Müll-Tag Erlebnis

Post by twiggy » Tue Feb 23, 2016 9:02 pm

should save them and sell them

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Re: Müll-Tag Erlebnis

Post by lady Ashton » Thu Feb 25, 2016 11:11 am

was soll Frau nun dazu sagen

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