Some help needed from the forum please.

Any type of shoe abuse. Broken heels, well worn shoes, scuffed shoes, torn shoes, shoes run over by cars, shoes dragged on the ground, crinkled pointy toes, shoes sawed in half, shoes run over by cars, lost shoes, shoe trees, trample, crush, etc. Any other discussion or photos having to do with shoes, boots or other footwear, abused or not, is welcome.

Alle Arten von Schuh-Missbrauch. Abgebrochene Absätze, sehr getragene, abgenutzte, verschlissene, zerissene, überfahrene Schuhe. Schuhe über den Boden gerschliffen, zerknitterte Schuhspitzen, zersägte, plattgetretene, zerquetschte Schuhe, verlorene Schuhe, Schuhbäume etc. Jede andere Diskussion oder Fotos im Zusammenhang mit Schuhen oder Stiefeln oder andere Arten von Schuhen, missbraucht oder nicht, ist willkommen.

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Post by Esther » Tue Jan 18, 2005 12:40 pm

Hi mudcole..

I think you should have a go at creating a website - I managed it with very little experience (using dreamweaver). Within a few months I started to pick up loads of knowledge really quickly.

If you want an easy option, you can buy dreamweaver templates quite cheaply from the internet... where they are designed for you and you just fill in the text and pictures.

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Post by chantelle » Tue Jan 18, 2005 2:00 pm

Hi Mudcole

I must admit i did not build my site. I have not got the knowledge or the time. MM of umd did it all for me at a very reasonable price.
The site is designed and built so i have complete control control over everything ad all updates are programmed automatically.

The hosting company i use are They have numerous packages for every type of size needed plus dedicated server packages all at very good prices (mine is dedicated with unlimited bandwidth) They are very reliable, in 9 months my site has been down once and that was due to a software problem which was corrected within 24 hours.

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Post by mudcole » Tue Jan 18, 2005 2:37 pm

All photos at webshots have gone......for now!

I tried something damagedheels mentioned deleting some of the photos so i just wiped the account clean and had another go at renewing, and it worked so the account is open for another year.

I will add a few of the old sets to be going on with,and carry on from there.

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Post by Wetshoe » Tue Jan 18, 2005 10:19 pm

hello mudcole,
if someone offers you space on their server, my opinion is that it's as good as any hosting service. hosting services are often no more than someone selling you space on their server which is at someone else's server facility. the difference is, if a hosting company decides they suddenly dont like your site because they have a new advertiser that hates shoes, (or hates seeing them destroyed), they may just shut your site off. if you go past their bandwidth allowance, same thing. since you'll be one of a thousand people on that server, they'll laugh and delete your email when you beg for your content back. at least you won't have that kind of trouble with someone you know. space is cheap these days so i think the money isnt so significant, but the headaches you'll get from some hosts can be. and i agree with the above message. never use a free host. they are 1000x worse - no exaggeration.

making a site, whether from a template or from frontpage or dreamweaver is pretty easy as long as you dont try to do anything too fancy. (like this site, no flash or anything). probably not much harder than making a word document. i'd also be glad to give you advice (limited as it may be).


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Post by mudcole » Wed Jan 19, 2005 3:27 am

Thanks for all the advice guys,as i said i have everything arcived for the mo so all pics are safe.

I may take up someones offer and put them on someone elses site in the guest pages so everyone can still see them.

But i may still go the website route and keep it very simple.

but webshots is still open and i will start to replace some of the deleted albums and maybe a few new ones..... :twisted:
"The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well!"

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